Dealing with Difficult People: Leading by Example

We have all been there: working or managing someone that is extremely difficult. Someone that is intentionally hurtful and inflammatory. Often these people say things that immediately set us off and are aimed at doing damage to our feelings.

It can be a true test of our patience and good will to not respond in anger. It is challenging to not match their fire with our own fire.

It is also the most important time to lead by example and to show a shining example of what is right.

I saw an incredible example of this at the end of October, during the height of the presidential debates. A person who did nothing wrong, yet suddenly and inexplicably was attacked by a careless, hurtful comment.

John Franklin Stephens showed all of us how to lead by example. Read his story below (make sure you read the Tweet at the top of the article).

Here is John’s example.

Enough said.